Would you close your doors for business for 2 days out the week?

I’m certain we all know the answer to that – NO!  What a stupid question you may say… True, but many retailers are unwittingly doing just that.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) retailers without mobile optimised sites are losing out on nearly one-third of business based on new m-commerce research.  Alex Kozloff, Senior Mobile Manager at the IAB, describes this as businesses effectively closing their doors for two days out of the week.

Asked if a retailer’s website was not working on their mobile device, respondents answers were as follows:

  •  20% would buy from a competitors mobile site
  •   8% wouldn’t bother at all
  •   2% “other”

We can see from these stats that if your customers will benefit from your lost sales if your mobile site doesn’t measure up.  Survey also showed 40% of users believe m-commerce is the easiest way to buy products and services, so it’s less about experimenting with new technology and more expected service from brands.

In my blog on key learnings from Mary Porta’s retail review it’s evident that mobile is a key factor for changing the retail landscape.  In November Google launched ‘GoMo’ their mobile push for retailers to mobile optimise and those with well optimised mobile sites will benefit from higher mobile search rankings

“Consumers are ahead of the industry and clearly want to use mobile optimised sites to purchase products, so the solution lies with the retailers,” say Kozloff.  Does your mobile solution measure up?

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