Why bullying should matter to you…

If there’s one thing you do, watch this video.  You may at first think ‘what the…heck’ but it really is worth every of its 18 minutes!

A friend of mine recently attended #TED2013 (lucky chap!) and recommended I watch this, as it was one of the most moving, inspirational and educating talks.

So you may think well, I don’t have children or am not directly affected by bullying, but you’re wrong.  We are part of a community, and whether it be your own children or those of your friends or family, you have a role to play!  I’m a great believer that life and death are in the power of the tongue i.e. our words, so at the very least we can all be more aware of the words we speak especially over (your) children.

I recently volunteered at an Elephant Orphanage in Zambia where on of their primary purposes is to re-integrate the orphans (victims of poaching) back into the wild.  I was told a very moving story.  One of the newest orphans brought to the release facility was not more than a couple months old and very weak.  On arrival one of the females immediately demonstrated her matriarchal instincts by caressing and touching every inch of the calf with the trunk which helped the calf feel at home and part of the herd.  It amazed me but also made me wonder if the human race were as caring this world would be a much kinder place

Together, we can all make a difference! Maybe this week you could be more mindful of the words you speak!

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