Why Dealer websites are crucial for the car buyer!

I was recently going through the Cap Gemini 11/12 report which details Information Sources that a prospective car buyer uses in their decision making.  Technology has impacted our lives from social connections, to education and purchase decisions.  Information is now instantly available and channels of communication are faster, interactive and more engaging.  In 2007 the average purchase cycle for a new car buyer was between 4 – 6 months.  Now in 2012 it’s between 1 – 2 months!  In addition the majority only visiting their dealership of choice 2 weeks before purchase.

A car buyer is 3 to 4 times more likely to purchase (generate a lead) on a Dealer website than a national site and from this report  53% of UK car buyers will use a Dealer website for their research compared to 48% using a manufacturer site!  That’s huge.  Yet sadly, many dealer sites do not have a consistent brand experience, outdated content and dare I say take longer than 4 hours to action leads… Result = competition has won the business.

For those Dealerships with great websites (and there are many) they will be testament to the importance of the online showroom – their website!

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