Galaxy’s new face….is Audrey Hepburn!

Yes, believe it or not Audrey Hepburn is the face of Galaxy’s new ad, albeit  Audrey with a difference…  Framestore brings Audrey Hepburn™ back to the screen using full CG face replacement in Galaxy’s new commercial, made with AMV BBDO and directed by Rattling Stick’s Daniel Kleinman.

Shot along the Amalfi coastline, Audrey sits in a stalled bus when she notices the gestures of a handsome (it would be!) man, and then in true Audrey Hepburn style disembarks the bus and without permission cheekily jumps into the back his convertible to be chauffeured away!  If this ad generates the results of the superbowl real time CG ad that Framework did for Coke-a-Cola then it will be a huge success in terms of views, engagement and social conversations.  Whilst producing ads of this nature may not be within every brands budget, it does not stop a brand thinking outside the box and creating engaging, meaningful digital touch points with their customers.

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