To app or not to app

The on-going debate continues about whether businesses should invest in apps or browser-optimised mobile sites.  The view is very much dependent on whom you ask.  It’s worthwhile noting some stats from a recent IAB UK (Internet Advertising Bureau) survey.

Retailers without mobile optimised sites are losing out on over a quarter of potential business, according to new research on m-commerce conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Alex Kozloff, Senior Mobile Manager at the IAB, describes this as businesses effectively closing their doors for two days out of the week.

The majority of respondents preferred to buy a product or service from a mobile website (40%) with only 17% preferring to use an app. While average spend was also higher on websites standing at £20, compared to an average of £13 on applications.

When considering where to invest in app development or a mobile browser site, go back to the basics; is it about targeting prospects with location based services, or are you looking to improve your existing retention programme, what’s your likely ROI, do you have a clear mobile strategy.   Econsultancy has a great article with 3 simple yet effective rules – common but good sense!

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