Is bigger better?

When it comes to twitter followers I believe its more a case of quality than quantity!  It’s one thing buying qualified leads and quite another buying followers.  What’s the value of buying (more) followers?  What will you do with them?  I’m a firm believer of keeping it simple starting with your objective – create value.  If you can be part of the story, provide thought leadership and interesting content people will listen, and more importantly engage – clicks, conversation or comments.  In some cases it does result in new business – but it starts by adding value.

I like the way Chris Brogan puts it “The challenge is to get more active and clicking numbers, the kind of people who take the plunge when you mention something is happening”

In his post Get more twitter followersChris has some valuable Do’s and Don’ts – hopefully the Do’s won’t be too much of a surprise!  I love 3 of his Don’ts, or as he puts it, ‘Things you might do less or not at all’

  1. Never once mention (or think about, or worry about) your Klout score.
  2. Never once think much about following “influencers.” Follow people who seem interesting.
  3. Don’t worry about retweeting the big guys. They have plenty of exposure already.

His blog is well worth a read, and could save you some unnecessary budget spend, time and resource!

Photograph Credits to Nancie J Wight

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