Moskardo is the (broad) Portuguese translation for bumblebee which reflects our identity.  Usually spelt with a ‘c’ however creatively and phonetically better with a ‘k’!

So why bumblebee?  Bumble bees are social cross pollinators, catalysts within the ecosystem…..according to 20th century folklore, the laws of aerodynamics prove that the bumble bee should be incapable of flight, as it does not have the capacity (in terms of wing size or beats per second) to achieve flight with the degree of wing loading necessary*
We’re social pollenators: our multi-cultural work and personal backgrounds.  Work experience ranges from automotive, retail, telco to travel industry whilst the personal cultural experience spans beautiful southern Africa across to cultural Europe; Amsterdam, Portugal and London.
We’re catalysts: providing targeted marketing solutions that help brands more effectively engage with their customers.  We’re more about being a bridge and link to enhancing and developing existing solutions.  We’re not about re-inventing the wheel, but providing innovative technology and marketing solutions to enhance your mobile and web strategy
We’re mobile: working for clients across various sectors in different markets – often we work across 3 different time zones
We defy the odds!
We believe 3 things are important to a client:
Results: understanding their needs and effective ROI solutions
Service: great client service and relationships built on trust
Delivery: on time, to budget and to spec